Digital & Print design
“Freshers'" is a series of events that are planned to welcome new students of UAL every year in September. 
A brand for the event in line with branding guidelines as well as a variety of online and hard-copy material to promote the services of the Students' Union were delivered. "Welcome" serves as a warm approach to students joining the university life as well as for many incoming international students to new a country. 
The design features vibrant colours, duotone as well as artsy sketches that represent the UAL culture. The booklets were distributed at the Freshers' Fair at Central Saint Martins.
The design package for this event not only includes the Freshers Guide, however also screen as well as social media banners, website design elements, personalised t-shirts for sabbatical officers, event signages and other Students' Union collateral. 
All brand and design elements created for Freshers 2019 can be found in the video below.
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