Going from "humour is the best medicine".
A large format magazine on the 'art of overthinking'. The magazine is a mixture of serious information on mental health and humorous content to put a smile on the face and take the reader's mind away from worries and anxious feelings.​​​​​​​
I realised, most times, we human beings prefer to avoid talking about our weak moments we had in life. As much as we know mental health exists, I find society can tend to not acknowledge its importance when life possibly becomes a chore. We forget to take care of ourselves. There were times my creativity fluctuated while designing this magazine.
In fact, during the creation of this magazine, I have had an anxious feeling sitting in my chest. Does the illustration look good enough? Will the reader understand my humour? Too many questions I asked myself. However, to let my creativity flow, I decided to get to the ground of my anxiety and understood that it comes from worrying about doing something wrong. So I decided to embrace the feeling and ‘do something wrong’. Why not? ‘Something wrong’ will lead me to ‘something right’. Right?
Personally speaking, I think most times we get so caught up wanting to do things right that we forget that we are humans. If we always do everything right, then when do we learn? Isn’t the purpose of a mistake to learn how to do it right? 
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