Branding, Game design
Many people have personal superstitious rituals and behaviours intended to bring “good luck". However, there are other encounters that make us feel "cursed" because we heard it will bring terrible "bad luck", such as a black crossing your path. And I actually love cats! Yes, I admit that I'm a bit superstitious. I'm working on trying to break the habit from time to time. I've got a continuously changing relationship with superstitions.
Superstitious is a true or false board game on superstitions all around the world.    The superstitions given on the cards are either existing in certain countries or are false/been made up. The design is a combination of the Rorschach psychology test portraying illusions, which comes from the the act of not knowing whether the superstition is true or false. Leaving you in the unknown, making you go with your intuition.
The game has various categories of superstitions: Animals, Behaviour, Food, Gambling, Home, Numbers, Objects, Relationships, Sports and Weather. It comes with card holders, an instruction leaflet and 'lucky-stitious' stickers.
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